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Game #4508
Die Hard Trilogy  
Action   Multi-type action

Rating: 8.3 (36 votes)

Die Hard Trilogy box cover

Die Hard Trilogy screenshot
Die Hard Trilogy is a fun collection of 3 different action games based on the three Die Hard movies. While none of the games stands out compared to similar games, as a whole DHT is enjoyable, and is faithful enough to the movies to entice fans.

The first game, based on the first movie, is basically Tomb Raider minus Lara Croft and the tombs. You control Bruce Willis from a third person perspective, finding and killing the bad guys in a labyrinthian office building. You also can free hostages, although that is not necessary for completion. While the game is (of course) not as good-looking as today's 3D-accelerated games, it still has some nice 3D effects and crisp graphics. For example, when walls and other objects are about to obstruct your vision, they smoothly fade away on the screen.

The second game is a good Virtua Cop-clone: a 3D gun shootout sequence in an airport terminal. Plenty of terrorists to shoot at and innocents to avoid killing - definitely the best game of this bunch.

The last and final game is, naturally, based on the third Die Hard movie. In this one, you run a car in a Carmageddon-style way: that is, mowing baddies down while avoiding pedestrians on the busy streets of New York. Your job is to get to certain locations or vehicles and blowing them up before the timer runs out.

Taken together, DHT is a fun game that will entertain you while the action lasts. The grand finale is disappointing and feels as if it has been made only as an afterthought, but that is the only major gripe I have. If you enjoy the movies or like different kinds of action games, check out this fun underdog.

Reviewed by: Underdogs
Designer: Michael Hart
Developer: Probe Entertainment
Publisher: Fox Interactive
Year: 1996
Software Copyright: Probe Entertainment
Theme: Licensed, Modern
None that we know of
System Requirements: Windows XP
Where to get it:   from Chips & Bits!
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