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Game #2687
Dream Warrior    View all Real Dogs in this genre
Action   Other action

Rating: 6.11 (9 votes)

Dream Warrior box cover

Dream Warrior screenshot
One of the worst games from Keypunch (and that's saying a lot, considering how 99% of their games are horrible), and one of their last (thank goodness). Dream Warrior seems interesting enough if you just read the blurb from the back of the box: "the world of the future knows no physical wars - only Dream Wars... a world in which victims lose their minds instead of their lives! World power is now held by FOCUS. Little is known about FOCUS except they have the power to command demons into the dreams of their enemies...

A resistance group of four astral scientists managed to uncover a way to combat FOCUS and the dream demons. Yet at the moment of glory, three scientists were captured and sentenced to forever suffer the torment of these demons.

As the last remaining scientist, only you have the knowledge to combat the Dream Demons. Enter the dreams of your colleagues and blast away the endless supply of murderous fiends! Seek and destroy Ocular who holds your friends in a maelstrom of insanity! You have only one chance, once you leave their dreams... FOCUS will find you!"

Unfortunately, this interesting premise is just about the only thing good about Dream Warrior. Awful graphics (4-color CGA in 1989-- Keypunch designers have been sleeping when EGA was invented?), and a thoroughly bad gameplay (first-person action tedium with endless hordes of enemies and levels that all look the same) make this a game to avoid. Another real dog from Keypunch, a company that will certainly share the "worst game company in history" award with Capstone if ever there was one.

Reviewed by: Underdogs
Designer: Unknown
Developer: Keypunch
Publisher: Keypunch
Year: 1989
Software Copyright: Keypunch
Theme: Science Fiction
None that we know of
System Requirements: DOS
Where to get it:
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